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We work closely with our clients to deliver a wide range of services that can be requested by task, tailored to your needs.

VSC façade analysis

A simple and quick method to calculate the amount of visible sky available to points on the façade of a building where windows have not yet been designed.

3D CAD Modelling

3D Models for DS and ROL are very particular and can be created from several sources such as:

  • Point Cloud Scan data,

  • 2D survey elevations or

  • Google Street View and planning application drawings can help to produce pre-made tiled models (ex: Z-Map, Vertex, Acucities, etc)

The level of accuracy is determined by the sources used to produce the model. 

Floorplan Research

We can complete extensive floorplan research, on both planning portals and real estate websites, for all assessed properties. All the information found is organized online in our cloud so clients have imedeate access to floorplans and can choose which ones to choose.

Room Layouts

Rooms can be created using a combination of floorplans, point cloud data or assumed

and can be organized and registered by room use and property type.


Understanding the purpose of analysing different types of scenarios setup is key to ensure correct results. Knowing which and when buildings should be in the surrounding context can have impact the results 

Envelopes and Cutbacks

Better results don't necessarily mean smaller massing, understanding where and how to cut can result in saving massing that wouldn't enhance results greatly. Our team has produced hundreds of envelopes and cutbacks in the past and we understand the different requirements that each one can have.

Area of loss


Negotiations Apportionments


Presentation Documents

 We know a good presentation is key to support any case so we can produce any document to support our clients presentations.

Scan to 2D CAD

Highly detailed floor plans, sections and elevations generated from Point Cloud scan data.

With great flexibility in terms of data production, Point Clouds enable to produce very precise as-built drawings which can have a high level of detail if needed.

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